What’s in a name?  Our journey from Beaver to Ocura Healthcare Furniture Image

What’s in a name? Our journey from Beaver to Ocura Healthcare Furniture

What’s in a name?  Our journey from Beaver to Ocura Healthcare Furniture 

It’s been little over six months since we changed our name from Beaver Healthcare Furniture to Ocura Healthcare Furniture. The change was part of a refocusing throughout our business to further enhance our existing and new customers’ experience, putting you our customer at the heart of Ocura. 

Why did we change our name?

We wanted a modern name that better reflected our core principles of excellent service provided through our friendly professional well trained knowledgeable caring staff.  A name that supported the emphasis we all place on true best value solutions linked to efficiency, in fast paced 21st-century healthcare environments we know you need a supplier that has speed at the core, with many products on a 5 day delivery we really do live up to our claims.

We also wanted the new name to reflect how we work with the healthcare sector – We only partner this market and we truly care about the staff and patients who use our products daily and we have a real passion for improving the healthcare environment. Our knowledge and understanding help us make life as simple as possible for our clients. So why Ocura, well the name is based on the Latin word cura, the word has care within the core of the meaning, this alignment of care at the core of what do was important to us and we hope you agree that a supply chain partner who cares about your working environment is one you can place your trust in. 

How does it affect you?

In practical terms, our trading name has changed to Ocura, so to ensure you continue to receive our market leading service and high quality products you need to make sure you and your colleagues have our new details set up on your systems.

You will see lots more marketing from us, why? Well, we need to make sure our loyal valued customers continue to trade with us, this regular communication will help you keep pace with our new products however it also provides you with the opportunity to win competitions, our first lucky customer took delivery of a fabulous new recliner recently, so get involved and start benefiting from the Ocura name change.

Behind the scenes, we’re taking steps to further improve how we work with you – continuously refining our furniture range, working with you to achieve your objectives of improving wellbeing and enhancing hospital environments and expanding our sector-leading express delivery service.

Steps include:

•    Working in partnership with you:

Providing a new dedicated personal Account Manager who will help you be in control of your purchasing investments. We find many people just rely on ordering what they have used in the past, sometimes this is a well- founded decision - a tried-and-tested route, however sometimes a new product that is currently unknown could improve patient and staff experience. Our professional, knowledgeable and importantly approachable Account Managers will help you make informed decisions, however,  they are with you for the journey of the product too, providing you on going support for any furniture or equipment related questions you have, remember our intention is to make your life easier.   

•    Competitive pricing:

Often when we ask procurement professionals what is the single most important purchasing decision they refer to price. We know and understand with budget pressure this is important however we also know that in healthcare personal experience, longevity, fitness for purpose, design, ease of use and quality are very important factors too. For example, as a caring supply chain partner, of course, we make sure our treatment chairs are well designed, robust and meet the true best value standards expected in healthcare, but we go a step further. Take our new Verona treatment chair for example, the height you can get the chair to has increased, meaning the clinician treating the patient doesn’t have to bend as much, reduced pressure on the back makes for a healthier work environment and can even reduce sickness costs, given that one single fact can you afford not to invest in conversation with Ocura?

•    Streamlined delivery service:

When you have a need for furniture and equipment we know you need a supplier to react. Too often we see products that are designed for the domestic market used in healthcare environments, these tend not to last and they rarely meet the required fire retardant standards, for example. Recent tragic events serve to highlight we all have a responsibility to make sure products are fit for purpose, you can trust in Ocura to have made sure all our products meet the stringent standards required, that’s why we are a contracted approved supply chain partner for the NHS through both Supply Chain and SBS. Knowing many of the decisions that are taken to purchase products off the internet are driven by a need for speed Ocura have launched the 5 day delivery service for many of our top products, so now you can have peace of mind and the speed.

•    Innovative hospital furniture:

Product innovation and development is a critical part of our strategy. We have increased investment in this area by 30% to ensure we bring you furniture that will meet future patient needs and also solves current challenges such as space issues. We don’t have all the answers though, you use our products and our competitors’ products every day, so get involved with the design process, talk to your Account Manager about what you need for the future to help improve your environment, either from a patient or clinical perspective. 

•    Making it even easier to speak to us:

We want to make working with us as simple as possible. The live chat function on our website makes getting in touch with us even easier.


More about Ocura Healthcare Furniture:

As Beaver Healthcare and now as Ocura, we work in partnership with hospitals throughout the UK to meet their hospital furniture needs. Our comprehensive range, coupled with the largest express delivery service of hospital furniture in the UK means we are there for our customers whenever they need us. 

Whether it’s working alongside architects, NHS Trusts and private hospitals to deliver new buildings and wards or managing an urgent request, we’re trusted to deliver. 

We’ve been working with hospitals for more than 20 years.  That, along with our own personal experiences, has given us an in-depth understanding not only of the hospital environment and how best our furniture can enhance patient and staff wellbeing but also the day-to-day challenges and pressures hospitals face. 

We know that buying hospital furniture can be time-consuming, taking you away from frontline requirements. It can also be confusing to know which product is best for you. Our expert team will guide you through the entire purchasing process. Not only that but, our delivery team will install furniture with the minimum disruption often at no extra cost. 

Speak to us today and discover for yourself how simple we make things.

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