Transforming Oncology Departments With Smart Design and Storage Image

Transforming Oncology Departments With Smart Design and Storage

It’s long been recognised that patient comfort and well-being is an important part of cancer treatment. 


For patients undergoing therapy, having to sit for large parts of the day is not only tedious but can be uncomfortable too – putting additional pressures on the body. 


Where possible, hospitals are investing in their oncology departments - creating relaxed environments that alleviate some of the strain of treatment. Comfortable day chairs, chairside storage, and access to Wi-Fi are becoming the norm. Elsewhere, close attention to the colour scheme and separating the areas of the chemotherapy suite where pharmacists and nurses’ work from the area where patients are being treated all bring benefits.


There are over two million people with cancer in the UK, and this is projected to increase to four million by 2030.


With oncology departments needing to meet the challenge of creating modern environments, with limited funds and space at a premium, finding the right furniture that hits the mark can be tough. 


The latest in recliner chair design offers advances patient support – with specialist lumber support, wide arms to help cannulation, electrically reclining back and leg rest, they provide ultimate comfort. Smart storage solutions are offered by the likes of nesting infusion stands that take up half the space of standard IV poles and slim-line trolleys with a nifty pop-out worktop offer ample space for equipment and pharmaceuticals.


Putting patients at ease within a modern environment not only helps their immediate wellbeing but encourages positive relationships with nursing and medical teams too, improving the overall quality of their hospital experience.


A welcoming atmosphere also helps build interaction with other patients helping them share their joint experiences. 


As part of its Oncology range, Ocura has recently unveiled the new wide-armed Colorado recliner chair. Find out more here.

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