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Maternity: Helping Dads Stay Overnight

Sleeping Like A Baby: How Can More Dads Stay Overnight?

By Alison Ellis, Marketing Manager

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital’s recent announcement that it was going to allow dads to stay overnight at its maternity unit was warmly welcomed by expectant families the length of the country.

Those first few hours and days with a newborn baby are critical to the bonding process and it can be difficult for the family to have to spend time apart. Mums also hugely benefit from having the additional support.

While Basingstoke’s move is great news for parents, it does present a challenge as to where the fathers can sleep. Hospitals are already struggling for space to accommodate their patients and day-to-day equipment so to potentially double the number of people on a ward is a daunting process.

Furniture designers and manufacturers are stepping up their game to provide innovative space-solutions. Specially designed fold-out chairs are one option, as are slim-lined cabinets and trolleys.

Pieces have to be tough enough to withstand daily use, have easy to clean surfaces and simple to remove parts to enable deep cleans. As well as being functional, they also need to support both patient and staff wellbeing by being ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre.

There are already some great, innovative products available on the market and hospital furniture specialists are constantly researching and developing ways to improve.

A critical part of this is working hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals to produce furniture solutions that deliver clear improvements for both patients and practitioners alike.

While hospitals look for ways to increase support for new and expanding families, furniture developers are busy looking for ways to help hospitals accommodate them.

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